Bunker Surveying



Large amounts of bunker fuel are consumed each year by the world fleet of cargo and commercial vessels as well as the military ones. About 80% of the total bunker fuel relates to heavy fuel oil and until the first large oil crisis in the early 1970s, shipowners did not pay much attention to where to take the bunkers.
The price was quite low, quality was generally high, and whenever possible bunkers was taken on board at port during cargo operations.

Later in the 1970s and during the early 1980s – when prices had risen substantially – more focus was placed on price and actual supply possibilities. Since then bunker prices constantly fluctuate due to market forces and the cost of crude oil. The bunker market became extremely price sensitive with ships often basing decisions on where to bunker on the relative price of fuel available in respective ports.

For that reason Bunker Survey, also known as Bunker Quantity Survey (BQS), Bunker loss/disputes investigations, On/Off hire rob survey, or Bunker detective survey (221B) is carried out to accurately measure, and ascertain the quantity of Bunker on board at the specific time and forms a critical part of preventing bunkering malpractices.
The malpractices during bunkering operations though quite prevalent with bunker suppliers; but on many occasion the receiving vessel will be as much as involved as the supplier in these dubious practices. Often it is found that the vessel would under-declare fuel quantity which is then either sold back to the barge supplier or simply kept hidden on the vessel until an opportunity comes along to profit from this.

It is the intention of this course to extend the student’s knowledge and understanding of the Standard Code of Practice for Bunkering – SS600 and make you a properly qualified expert in bunker surveying able to deal with the malpractices techniques.
Remember a bunker surveyor is trying to find something in a very short time that the Ship’s staff have planned and devised during the entire voyage. Surveyors may find..


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